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To me, even being pretty handy with tools and crafts, the Webelos Craftsman pin was one of the most challenging. It takes a long time to gather all the tools and materials together for a project; and the meetings always seem to run long. Below is a list of projects that might make it a little easier.

There are four things necessary for a successful craft project.

  1. List of materials
  2. List of tools
  3. Detailed instructions
  4. Make a prototype using the exact same tools and materials.

Everyone does better if they can see an example of what they are trying to make. Using the same materials and tools is very important to make sure they can be successful. If you use sharper scissors or different glue, it may not work when the kids are doing it.

Having all the materials and tools is the most important. If you are missing any one item from either list, you probably won't be able to finish the project and everyone will be disappointed. So, have your lists, collect all the items on the list, and double check to make positive you have everything you will need.

I don't like to make things that the boys are going to take home and throw away in a week or two. Why should I go to all the trouble to do a craft if it is just going to go home, hang on the refrigerator for a week, and then are thrown away? I want things that will last and the boys will want to keep.

These projects are complicated enough to be worthy of credit towards the Craftsman pin. Some are simple enough that the boys can start them in a meeting and finish them at home.

Copyright © 2004 Vincent Hale