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Christmas Centerpiece Candle

Materials Tools
12"x6"x1" cedar
3" screw
Molded candle
4 felt pads
Hot glue

See the Candles Chapter for more instructions, hints, tips, and ideas.

Cedar fence slats do nicely for the wooden base, but any wood will do. The cedar is usually rough looking and has a nice smell.

The felt pads are for the bottom of the base to keep it from scratching the table. You can cut out four squares 1/2" to 1" from felt purchased at a craft store.

The screw should have a flat head. This type of screw does not stick out above the wood. This will prevent it from scratching the surface of the table.

The lighter is used to heat the nail to mount the candle. This could really be any type of heat source that can be applied to the screw after it is in the board. Other things you might use are a blowtorch or a candle.

Craft stores will carry a variety of items that you can use for decorations: bows, holly leaves, fall colored leaves, flowers, fruit and berries, nuts, seed pods, and plastic Christmas figures. Most craft stores have big sales of these items right after Christmas, so if you can plan a year in advance, you can get some great deals. You will probably need several items to sufficiently cover the wooden base.

You can use a store bought candle or a plain molded candle or one decorated with whipped wax foam or decorative wax shapes. The one in the photo is about 4" tall and 2" in diameter and made using a soft drink can as the mold.

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