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Neckerchief Slide Holder

Materials Tools
1/8" pegboard 12"x18"
Wire ties (twistees), washers
Coat hanger
White paint
Sand paper
Wire cutters

This is a handy place to display your slides and keep them from getting broken. Start with a piece of 1/8" pegboard about 12"x18". Sand the edges of the pegboard smooth. Make a hook for it using the hook from a clothes hanger. Cut the hook off the clothes hanger using wire cutters. Bend and attach the hook to the middle of one edge of the pegboard. Paint the pegboard white. Use hook to hang up to dry. Slides may be attached using thin wire or bread wrappers ties and a small washer (these can be made from plastic with a hole punched into it). Put the washer in the middle of the wire. Push both ends of the wire through the desired hole. The washer will keep the wire from coming complete through the hole. Put wire through slide ring and twist ends together to secure slide.

Copyright © 2001 Vincent Hale