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Message Holder

Materials Tools
Spring clothespin
2 screws
2 nails
7"x2 1/2"x3/4" wood
Clamps and Sawhorses
Permanent marker

This is a handy message or reminder holder for around the house or office. It will be used for many years.

The instructions below call for using two nails in the base and 2 screws to hold the clothespin on. This is to give the youth experience with both. However, feel free to substitute all nails or screws as you wish.

Wood Layout

Let stronger sawers do a diagonal and straight cut and let the weaker, less experienced do two straight. The diagonal cuts are harder especially for children under about 9 years of age.

Message Holder Slide

To make a neckerchief slide, use the mini clothespins that are about 1" long. You can find them in craft stores. Use 1" x 1/4" wood for the base. Glue it together using E-6000™. Glue a PVC ring to the back. Use small Post-It™ notes or a scrap of paper to write a reminder for the group.

Copyright © 2005 Vincent Hale