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See the General Chapter for more instructions, hints, tips, and ideas.

Use a rubber band to hold a slide in place. This is handy for heavy slides or with neckerchief rings that are a bit loose on the neckerchief. A rubber band about one inch long works well. Put the rubber band on the neckerchief. Put the slide in place. Now twist the rubber band (so it looks like a figure 8). Run the ends of the neckerchief through the bottom loop of the rubber band. Use extra loops if the rubber band is too large or loose.

Another method is to make a band out of a strip of thin leather and Velcro. The leather needs to be about 5.5 to 6 inches long and about 1/4 inch wide. Glue Velcro onto both ends. To put it on slip it behind your slide (in front of your neckerchief and above the ring). Next, wrap it around the back of your neckerchief and cross the ends. Now wrap it around the front of the neckerchief (below the ring), cross the ends and stick the Velcro together. You may want to add more Velcro to each end to accommodate rings of different sizes.

You can also wrap some extra material around the loop to make the opening smaller. Chenilles (pipe cleaners) or leather are best for this, but almost any material will work.

You might also consider taking a piece of thin wire about 6 inches long. Run the wire through the neckerchief slide ring and twist the ends together to form a loop. Twist the loop to make a figure 8. Now put the neckerchief slide on and hang the loop over the top button of your shirt. This method is particularly useful with the moving neckerchief slides that you pull on to activate (weightlifter, flapping owl, saluting scout, ...). You could also use string in place of the wire.

Another idea is to use a piece of leather about 1.5 long and 1/2 wide. Cut a slit in the middle of the leather about 1 long. The length of the slit depends on the thickness of the neckerchief material. At first, make the slit shorter and try it for fit. If the slit is too short, the leather will be difficult to slide up the neckerchief. If the slit is too long, the leather will slide too easily. After you have put on your favorite neckerchief slide, slide the slotted piece of leather up to just below the slide.

And yet another idea is to take a piece of leather about 6 long and 1/2" wide. Roll the leather is a spiral. Attach a piece of Velcro to the end. Attach the other side of the Velcro conveniently on the last loop of leather where it will be able to easily attach to the end.

After you have put on your favorite neckerchief slide, wrap the leather around the neckerchief, just below the slide. Attach the leather strip in place using the Velcro.

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