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Ball in a Box

Materials Tools
1" x 1" x 1" wood
PVC ring

See the Wood Carving section for more instructions, hints, and tips.

  1. Get a square piece of wood of whatever size you desire. You may want to make it a little longer in the "with the grain" dimension especially if you are going to leave the end grain sides solid.
  2. Draw the bars on all sides.
  3. Make cuts on all the lines. Angle them in at a 45 degree angle to make the bars triangular.

    Small Ball    Large Ball

  4. Start removing wood from the corners. I like to move around and do a little work on each corner. Remove as little wood as possible near the middle of each bar.
  5. Always keep in mind the shape of the ball that you are trying to find inside.
  6. Keep removing wood until the ball is free. Be very careful not to break the bars.
  7. Clean up the bars as necessary.
  8. Round up the ball by moving it around and removing any high spots. A pair of calipers can be helpful.
  9. Sand the bars and ball if desired.

To make a neckerchief slide, glue a ring to one of the bars using E-6000™ glue.

If you are looking for more of a challenge carve two or more balls in a box. Just make the box two or three or more times longer than it is square. Be sure to give yourself a little extra room for the wood that you remove between the balls.

You might also be interested in making captive rings and lollipop in a box.

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