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Occasionally, you will take on the task of planning a major event like a Pow Wow, Day or Twilight Camp, Blue and Gold Banquet, Webelos Woods, Camporee, anniversary, or Carnival. These pages are meant to try to give you some ideas for decorations, crafts, and games.

Your first task is to identify the theme. Consider the location and what it has to offer or its restrictions. Don't make your theme too restrictive as to limit your possibilities.

Research icons for the theme you selected, that is what do you think of when you think about the theme. Next check the Internet, travel guides, art teachers, people who make sets for plays and musicals, and brainstorm with others. Check material resources like craft stores, party stores, and home repair stores.

Plan decorations for the stage (both background and foreground), tables (centerpieces and place settings), flyers, invitations, games, crafts, name tags, neckerchief slides, or SWAPS.

Balloons, crate paper, and ribbon are almost always good choices. Plaster candy molds (for candy or neckerchief slides, SWAPS, bolo tie), leather, braiding, and candles can be used in a variety of situations and themes.

Clip art is also a good resource for ideas and can be used on flyers or incorporated into a craft - see clip art neckerchief slides.

Here is some more information and ideas on popular themes:

If you have any other ideas, email me and I'll add them here.

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