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In Scouting in the United States, the big anniversary is the anniversary of the founding of the Boy Scouts of America on February 8, 1910 by William D. Boyce. Cub Scouts were started in 1930.

The decorations for most anniversaries are very similar. A party store will be a great source of decorations like balloons, crepe paper, ribbons, plastic for tables, sparkles, confetti, ... Many anniversary years have a color associated with them. Different organizations will also have colors, like red, white, and blue for the United States and blue and gold for Cub Scouts.

The Blue and Gold Banquet in Cub Scouts is a time to acknowledge the contributions of the adult leaders. Many of the decorations are made by the boys and reflect a chosen theme or the Cub Scout program in general.

It's always fun to see what decoration each den can come up with so why not make it a contest? Sometimes there is also a cake decorating contest. Make sure the emphasis is that the boys do a major part of the work because the real goal is to get an adult and boy working on a project together. For even more entertainment and stories, have the men make a cake with the boys.

Make a saluting scout for this special occasion.

If you have any other ideas, email me and I'll add them here.

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