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Figure 8

Materials Tools
15" of 1/4" rope
PVC ring
Hot Glue
Candle and Match or Waxed Thread

See the String Chapter for more instructions, hints, tips, and ideas.

The double figure 8 knot is used in climbing because it is a strong, dependable knot that is easy to tie and untie. 8 is a symbol of infinity or unity.

Fix both ends of the rope so they don't fray. Either fuse it with a candle flame or whip it with the waxed thread.

Fold the rope in half. The bend is where the PVC ring goes, so you want it to make a loop just big enough to fit around the PVC.

Tying a Figure 8 is a lot like an overhand knot. Make a loop. For an overhand knot, you would next take the end of through the loop. To make a figure 8, instead of going through the loop, wrap the rope around and go through the loop from the opposite side.

Arrange the rope in the knot so that they don't twist. The knot should look neat.

Work the PVC ring into the loop. When satisfied with the fit, run a line of hot glue on the top and bottom of the rope where it touches the PVC ring. Also put some hot glue on the back of the knot to keep it from loosening up.

If you want, paint the knot a color to contrast with the neckerchief.

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