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Bowline with Stopper

Materials Tools
18" of 1/4" rope
Hot Glue
Candle and Match or Waxed Thread

See the String Chapter for more instructions, hints, tips, and ideas.

Fix both ends of the rope so they don't fray. Either fuse then with a candle flame or whip them with the waxed thread.

Tie a bowline knot at one end of the rope. The loop in the bowline should be about 1/2" in diameter to fit the neckerchief. See Al Folsom's Animated Knots web page for great instructions on tying knots.

Now tie the stopper. With the remainder of the rope, bend the rope about 1/2" below the bowline. Loosely wrap the long end around the 1/2" of rope four or five times. Next slide the end of the rope down through the wraps that you just made. Start tightening up the loops and making them neat. You can work the stopper up closer to the bowline by pulling the loose end.


If the stopper comes untied, it means that you didn't take the loose end through the bottom loop. The bottom loop is where you made the first bend to start tying the stopper.

You might want to put a drop of hot glue on the back of the bowline to keep it tight.

Copyright © 2003 Vincent Hale