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See the General Chapter for more instructions, hints, tips, and ideas.

Most of the materials used in the projects here can be obtained from general craft stores, leather craft stores, and home repair stores.

Many materials can be obtained free or cheaply from many different sources. It is usually best to talk to a manager. Identify yourself as a Scout leader (but only if you are one) and tell or show the manager what you intend to use the material for. Consider taking a finished project to show them how you have made use of their material. A thank you note signed by the boys is a nice touch. Consider passing any extra material on to other groups in your Pack or at Roundtables.

Look around your house and work place; ask other parents for help in locating material. Many businesses (especially manufacturing) have scraps that can be used. When planning a project, think of businesses that might have the material as scrap.

Leather and vinyl
Scrap pieces of leather and vinyl that are used on furniture, cars, vans, trucks, and airplanes interiors can usually be obtained easily in large quantities from the businesses that reupholster furniture and customize vans.

Film canisters
Camera stores or stores that provide film processing services usually have many these canisters on hand. Many of them recycle the containers, but are very happy to let Scout leader have some for projects. With the increasing popularity of digital cameras, these will be harder to find in a few years.

Computer chips
Try small shops that assemble or repair electronics especially computers.

Many stores that sell lumber provide a service of cutting the lumber for their customers. Often the customer will take only the pieces of lumber they are going to use and leave the unwanted scrap. The pile of scrap grows and many stores will want to get rid of it. They will either sell it to you cheap or give it to you if you remove it from their store.

Another source is construction sites. Be sure to check with a supervisor and always think about safety - there are many hazards around construction areas. Stores that sell foreign motorcycles will often donate wooden shipping crates.

Thrift stores have a variety of items that can be used for crafts. Dollar stores are a good source for cheap rope, aluminum pans, towels, seasonal decorations, ...

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