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See the General Chapter for more instructions, hints, tips, and ideas.

On many natural projects, the object will stay looking better if you give it a coat of sealant. Some of the products used for this are finger nail polish, and clear acrylic spray. The sealant most often used in this book is Thompson's Water Seal™. It is made for wood fences and decks (available in home improvement centers), but will work with most wood based products. It can be applied with a brush, cloth, or the object can simply be dipped into it. The first coat takes about 24 hours to cure. Then a second coat can be added. Cleanup is with mineral spirits. You may find a 4"x4" cloth easiest to use. The same cloth can be used repeatedly. By applying hand lotion to your hands before using Thompson's Water Seal™, you can usually wash up with soap and hot water.

One other use for Thompson's Water Seal™ is to waterproof paper. Just one coat does the trick. Use it on a sample to see if the ink will run.

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