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St. Francis came from a wealthy family.

One day when he was a young man, St. Francis was in a run down church when he heard God speaking to him to rebuild His church.

St. Francis, not being very good with tools, got the money together and hired someone to rebuild the church.

This didn't go very well, so he took on the task of rebuilding the church himself.

After many months of labor, he completed his task. But he still heard the voice of God asking him to rebuild his church.

It was then that he realized that God wanted him to rebuild the people of his church, not the physical structure of the church.

God is always talking to us, asking us to do His will and build His church bigger and better.

We need to listen carefully to hear what God is asking us to do. Maybe you hear God calling you to help with the poor by donating time or money to a food bank or other charity. Or maybe He is calling you to help with the elderly or homebound.

Whatever you do at least do something. It may not be exactly what God has in mind, like in the case of St. Francis, but God will direct you in the right direction.

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