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I believe that obedience comes in three types.

The first type of obedience is when someone wants us to do something that we want to do. An example of this might be your Mom asking you to finish the container of ice cream to get it out of the freezer.

The second type of obedience is when you do something because there are consequences if you don't do it. An example of this is that we obey the school rules, traffic laws and the tax laws because if we don't there are serious consequences that could be pretty severe. This type of obedience is like following orders. You may not want to do it, but the consequences of not doing it are worse than the discomfort or inconvenience of doing it.

The third type of obedience is when you do something because you want to please the other person, make them happy or make them proud of you. An example of this is working hard on a task to please your Mom. You are doing it not to avoid the consequences or reap the rewards, but just because it pleases someone.

This third type of obedience is the type that God wants from us. He has given us rules to obey. He doesn't want us to follow the rules so much because we fear the consequences of hell or desire the reward of heaven. He wants us to obey His rules because we want to make Him happy and proud of us.

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