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See the Wisdom Chapter for more instructions, hints, tips, and ideas.

This is an old Scoutmaster piece of advice.

During your life, you will come across many situations where you have to make a tough decision. You can look to the Boy Scout Law for some guidance.

Take each of the twelve points of the Scout Law and ask yourself if you would be following that point.

For example, would doing X be trustworthy? Would it be loyal? ...

Some of the points may not be relevant. But if you find that your action would not be in keeping with one or more (usually they will violate several points), then you probably shouldn't do it.

    A Scout is:
  1. Trustworthy - Always tell the truth. Keep your promises. Honesty is a part of your code of conduct. People can always depend on you.
  2. Loyal - Be true to your family, friends, leaders, school, nation, and world community.
  3. Helpful - Be concerned about other people. Volunteer to help others without expecting payment or reward.
  4. Friendly - Be a friend to all. Seek to understand others. Respect those with ideas and customs that are different from your own.
  5. Courteous - Be polite to everyone regardless of age or position. Know that good manners make it easier for people to get along together.
  6. Kind - Understand that there is strength in being gentle. Treat others as you want to be treated. Do not harm or kill anything without reason.
  7. Obedient - Follow the rules of your family and school. Obey the laws of your community and country. If you think these rules and laws are unfair, try to have them changed in an orderly manner rather than disobey them.
  8. Cheerful - Look for the bright side of life. Cheerfully do tasks that come your way. Try to help make others happy.
  9. Thrifty - Work to pay your way and to help others. Save for the future. Protect and conserve natural resources. Carefully use time and property.
  10. Brave - Be willing to face danger even if you are afraid. Have the courage to stand for what you think is right even if others laugh at you or threaten you.
  11. Clean - Keep your body and mind fit and clean. Associate with those who believe in living by these same ideals. Help keep your home and community clean.
  12. Reverant - Always be reverent toward God. Be faithful in your religious duties. Respect the beliefs of others.

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