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See the Wisdom Chapter for more instructions, hints, tips, and ideas.

When you were about a year old, you started to try to walk. You had no idea of the hazards and consequences like hitting your head on a table corner or falling and skinning your knee.

Your parents did their best to protect you by moving you to a safer location or covering a hard object with a loving hand or pillow.

You weren't aware of the number of times that your parents saved you from a dangerous situation. You were happy just to be standing up bouncing, laughing, and having fun. You weren't aware of the dangers or their consequences.

Now you have grown up and the dangers have changed, but your parents and other adults are still trying to protect you just like when you were learning to walk.

Some of the dangers you are now facing include stealing, gangs, unsafe driving, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and sex. Adults aren't going to be around you all the time like when you were a baby. So the only way we can protect you is by trying to educate you by words and examples.

Teenagers are especially at risk because they have learned so much about the world they think they know it all. But just like toddlers, they don't understand the consequences of some of their actions. And many of these consequences can affect them the rest of their lives. The consequences aren't as immediate as they were when you were a toddler - falling and you immediately felt the pain.

Having a criminal record for violence, stealing, or reckless driving can limit your opportunities for jobs. Not to mention how hurting someone else will always be on your mind the rest of your life. How many teens are killed or severely injured in preventable accidents every year? Drinking alcohol, smoking, and taking drugs if they don't kill you sooner, they can kill you later. Many of these activities frequently lead to more and more un-Scout-like behavior.

Finally, there is sex with the chances of catching an incurable disease or getting pregnant. If you don't think these will have an effect on the rest of your life, just talk with someone it's happened to.

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