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See the Wisdom section for more instructions, hints and tips.

There was a man in New York who had a big problem in his life and decided that he needed to talk with God. So he goes into this church and asks the priest how he can talk with God.

The priest tells him that they have a phone in the back of the church that he can use to talk to God, but it costs $25,000 per minute.

The man is taken back by the high cost and asks the priest why it is so expensive.

The priest explains that it is a long distance call and after all God is pretty important.

The man is disappointed and leaves the church. He decides to look around and see if he can find a phone to God that is less expensive.

He finally walks into a church in a small town in Texas. He asks the priest if he has a phone that he can use to talk to God. The priest tells him yes and that it costs 25 cents per minute.

The man is amazed. He asks the priest why it is so reasonably priced.

The priest explains thatís because itís a local call. :-)

Well, that may be funny, but really calls to God are always free. And you will never get a busy signal or an answering machine. He is always listening to us. So, whenever you feel the need to talk to God, speak right up. He is always there, always loving us, always listening to us.

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