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See the Teaming Chapter for more instructions, hints, tips, and ideas.


Your team is stranded on one side of a river and must retrieve a can of water from the opposite side of the river in order to survive. You must do this without touching the water.


The list of equipment is very flexible. Use whatever you have on hand. Below are just some suggestions.

For the river, use a driveway or mark off an area on a parking lot.

Nothing except the equipment provided may touch the water. Teams may step on the board and rocks to use like stepping-stones. Use the rope, pole and pipe to reach and drag the can across the river without spilling.

Let teams be creative in their solutions. Encourage all members to participate.

Vary the equipment that can be used for variations.

You may have to make up rules (like the board must be touching the shore) as you go along or to make it more of a challenge. If the team is struggling to find a solution, let them work and brainstorm, but if the situation looks impossible, give them a hint or easy the rules a bit so they can succeed.

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