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See the Teaming section for more instructions, hints and tips.


The object is to move the objects from the start/finish line to a point 20 feet away.


You can start with some easy object and move to harder ones as the participants' skill improves. If some do not catch on, use a mix of hard and easy objects and hopefully, the teams will work it out properly.

Easier objects are larger, more textured, flexible, and light weight. Difficult objects are smaller, smooth, slick, hard, stiff, thin, and heavy.

Here are some ideas of items you can use: cotton balls, marshmallows, gumdrops, lids, nuts and bolts, beads, jelly beans, dried beans, BB's, coins, and marbles.

General Rules

Give each team one or two sets of chopsticks (you can sometimes get them free from Chinese restaurants).

Give the team a couple minutes to practice. They should help each other figure out how to hold and manipulate the chopsticks.

Have the same number of objects per person at the starting line. Have an empty container at a point 20 feet away. Any object dropped, must be picked up using only the chopsticks.

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