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Turk's Head Knot

Materials Tools
4' of 1/4" rope
Hot glue

See the String Chapter for more instructions, hints, tips, and ideas.

This makes a GREAT neckerchief slide. Once it is tied, it will stay tied and always looks neat.

See the websites' of Troop 54 or Troop 266 for instructions on tying it. Tie it around three fingers to make it the right size for a neckerchief slide.

Once you have tied one layer, you follow the rope to add a second, third layer, or more layers. Don't let the layers cross. The photo above shows a two layer Turk's Head and took about 3 1/2' of 1/4" rope. A three layer Turk's Head would take about 6 feet. The more layers, the looser the first knot must be in order to slide the other layers between the loops.

Braided rope (like in the photo) detracts from the look of the knot because the strands confuse the eye. Stick to a single strand rope if possible.

When you have finished tying the knot, straighten it up and make the openings at the top and bottom the same size. Then cut the ends off short and whip them or use the candle flame to fuse or melt the ends of the rope. You may want to add a little hot glue to hold the ends in place.

You could also tie it using 3/16" cotton/poly clothesline rope or wire.

My favorite is tying a double Turk's Head using 28" of parachute chord. You can find parachute chord as clothes line at many dollar stores in bright colors. I think the single strand makes it look much neater. Make the knot around just two fingers for this smaller rope. Tuck the ends inside the knot and hot glue them out of sight.

A three-layered Turk's head could be used as an activity at a religious retreat. The three layers symbolize the three persons in the Blessed Trinity. The round shape indicates oneness and everlasting.

Copyright © 2003 Vincent Hale