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Deer Track
Deer Track

Materials Tools
Plaster of Paris
Paper or plastic cups
Popsicle stick
PVC Ring

See the Plaster Chapter for more instructions, hints, tips, and ideas.

Look for tracks in moist soil like near a lake, stream or even a puddle or low place in the soil.

Take along a variety of sizes of cups, anything from the bathroom drink size on up.

When you find a nice track, carefully remove any debris that has fallen into it. Find the cup that best fits the track. Cut the bottom of the cup off. Carefully push the cup (small end down) into the soil being careful not to disturb the track.

Pour some water into a cup. Add Plaster of Paris and stir with the Popsicle stick until the plaster is the right consistency (not thick with clumps and not too thin).

Gently pour the Plaster of Paris onto the soil OUTSIDE the track. If you pour directly into the track you might distort the track.

Pace the PVC ring about 1/3 down from the front of the track. Make sure the ring stays in place and doesn't fall over while the plaster is drying.

The plaster should set up in about 10 to 15 minutes. Tap the plaster to make sure it is solid. Then carefully pick it up using the ring and the cup. You might want to leave the cup on until the plaster has dried harder. Replace the bottom of the cup and tape in place to protect the casting.

After thoroughly dry, remove the cup and clean off any dirt. You can use a moist cloth or if very gentle a toothbrush.

Once the casting is clean, examine it with your eyes and fingers. Remember that the casting is what the foot actually looked like.

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