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Wave Machine

Materials Tools
3"-4" x 1" clear plastic bottle with screw on lid
Mineral oil
Food coloring
PVC ring (1" long)
White craft foam
Goop(tm) glue
1" long PVC ring
Hot Glue
Goop(tm) glue

See the Moving Chapter for more instructions, hints, tips, and ideas.

Note: Be sure to get a bottle with a screw on lid. Coin collector bottles for half-dollars work well. The bottle is worn horizontally with the lid at one end. The PVC ring is glued across the bottle at the middle. Foam is used as a background to make the wave show up better. This is a very heavy slide. To keep it in place, you can use a rubber band.

  1. Cut foam to cover half way around length of bottle.
  2. Glue in place or tie with thread at both ends with thread.
  3. Fill bottle 1/3 full with water.
  4. Add food coloring (using a toothpick) until desired color is achieved.
  5. Fill bottle almost to brim with mineral oil.
  6. Wrap bottle threads with plumbers Teflon tape.
  7. Secure lid.
  8. Glue long PVC ring to foam.

Copyright © 2001 Vincent Hale