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Stride Calculator

Materials Tools
Poster Board
Brass fastener
PVC ring
Leather hole punch
White glue
Hot glue

When you are hiking in the woods, it's very important to know how far you've walked. One way to do this is to know how far you walk with each stride and to count your steps. This calculator will help you figure out how many steps you take in a mile.

To make the calculator cut out the templates below.

Stride Calculator

To use the calculator, set up a course over level ground that is 100 feet long. Walk this course using your NORMAL stride. Walk it at least one more time and take an average of your stride count. Now turn the calculator until the number of strides that you measured is in the bottom of the panel. Above that are the number of strides in one tenth of a mile, one half of a mile and finally, one mile.

Hot glue a PVC ring to the back to make a neckerchief slide.

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