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Lashing Board
Round, Diagonal, Square, and Tripod Lashing

Materials Tools
1/4" thick 3"x3" craft foam
6' string
1/16"x 16" dowel rods
Printed names of lashings
PVC "D" ring
Hot Glue
White Glue

Use string of different colors if you want. Cut the dowel to the desired length (1 to 2 inches works well). Tie the lashing using the links listed below as resources. You may want to put a drop of white glue on the knots to keep them from getting loose over time. Make all the lashings then hot glue them to the foam background and hot glue a PVC ring to the back.

If you want to add labels, print the names of the knots on paper using a computer - 10 point font is about right. Cut them out and use a little white glue to attach them to the foam.


Copyright © 2004 Vincent Hale