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Indian Headdress

Materials Tools
17 safety pins 1 1/2" long
18 pony beads
19 spaghetti beads
60 small beads
12" wire 20 gauge
18" string
PVC ring
Needle nose pliers
Wire cutters
Super Glue

Choose bead colors that will make this slide stand out against your neckerchief.

The small bead should be half or less the thickness of the pony bead to make it look right.

You may have to work to get beads that will fit the safety pin well. You may need to use two or three small beads to get a good fit.

If you are making this with a group have everyone gather all the materials first.

The dangles can be made with any combination of beads, real feathers, conchos, or small silver feathers. These are all available in leather craft stores. Assembly of the dangles is similar for all. The directions below make dangles similar to the beads on the safety pins. The photo above uses the beads with a real feather added to the bottom of the dangle.

Repeat with other dangle.

Copyright © 2003 Vincent Hale