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Duct Tape Rose

Materials Tools
3' or more red duct tape
8" green duct tape
8" wire
Scissors or knife
Wire cutters
1/2" wooden dowel

Check out the history and lots of links for duct tape from Duct Tape Guys (use their pull down menu at the top right). Check out the hundreds of ways people have used duct tape from Duck™ brand Duct Tape.

Duct tape is available in a wide variety of colors, including neon colors. If you can't find green duct tape for the stem, use black.

You can either tear the duct tape (a quick, strong motion works best) or cut it with a knife or scissors.

You may want a to make a long stem rose, but not for a neckerchief slide.

Fold the wire in half. Use a 3 1/2" piece of green duct tape to cover the wire. Leave the ends uncovered. Lay the wire on the long edge of the duct tape. Carefully roll the duct tape around the wire to make the stem.

Make one petal. Place the uncovered wires of the stem onto one edge of the sticky part of the tape. Now roll the petal tightly around the wire.

Make another petal. Place the point of the petal opposite the other petals. The center petal should be the highest petal. Place all other petals lower than the center petal. You don't want the petals to line up, so try to space them evenly around the rose. Continue adding petals until the rose is the size you want.

To make a bud, leave the petals pointing upwards. To make a rose that is partially open, bend the outer petals down.

When you are finished making the rose, take a small piece of green duct tape and wrap it around the base of the rose to hide the edges of the duct tape.

To make a ring out of duct tape, take the remaining green duct tape and tear it in half the long way. Place the rose in the middle of one of the pieces of duct tape. Put the two sticky sides together leaving about 1/2" of sticky tape exposed at each end. Put one end of the duct tape on a 1/2" wooden dowel with the sticky side up. Wrap the remainder of the duct tape around the dowel rod.

Copyright © 2003 Vincent Hale