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This is a Native American Indian craft. A Boy Scout who was part Indian at Camp Davy Crockett in Tennessee taught it to me.

This is a very strong slide. It would make a good slide for a special occasion like a BLue and Gold Banquet.

Materials Tools
48 Pony Beads
5' String/sinew
Tacky Glue

The end product reminds me of stacked bricks. It is a little difficult to get started, but once you get the hang of it, it's easy. Use the blank pattern below to draw your own picture. The instructions below are for creating a 6 row by 8 column banner like the one in the picture.

Pattern shown in photo
The first columns
The third column

This project can be made with other sized beads. You will have to judge the number of rows (has to be even) and the number of columns to fit the neckerchief properly. If you make it too big, consider adding a PVC ring to the inside. Make your design using the blank pattern sheet below. Mark off the columns as you complete them. Make the first and last two columns the same color and put them in the back of the project.

Beading template

Beading can also be used to decorate a walking staff or ceremonial stick.

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