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Bead candy cane

Materials Tools
20 red tri-beads
20 green tri-beads
20 white tri-beads
9" chenille
Hot glue

See the Miscellaneous section for more instructions, hints and tips.

You might be interested in the history of the candy cane.

You could use only red and white beads (30 of each). There are also some translucent beads that are very pretty.

  1. Bend the very tip of the chenille over onto itself. This will keep the beads from falling off.
  2. Add beads onto the chenille. Alternate red, green, and white. Repeat until all beads are used up.
  3. Bend the end of the chenille back onto itself to lock the beads in place. Cut off any excess chenille.
  4. Bend the chenille into a J shape.

If you want to make a smaller version for a neckerchief slide or SWAPS, use 12 of each color bead (or 18 red and white) and a 5" chenille. Attach a PVC ring or safety pin using hot glue or a 2" piece of thin wire.

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