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Stamped Name

Materials Tools
1"x3" stamping leather
2' lacing
Leather tools

See the Leather Chapter for more instructions, hints, tips, and ideas.

Use a rectangular piece of stamping leather about 1 inch wide and long enough for your name. You can decorate the edge with small decorative stamps.

Another method to decorate the edge is to use either plastic or leather lacing. To do this, one must first punch holes near the edge of the leather piece. This can be done with a hole punch or better yet there is a tool that has several punches in a row. It resembles a fork in its appearance. Start at one corner. Each time the holes are made, remove the punch and move it over so that the first tine of the punch is in the last hole made. This way the holes will be a uniform distance apart. Continue until holes are made around the whole circumference. Several methods can be used to apply the lacing. See these pages for lacing techniques.

The trick for all methods is to hide the ends of the lacing so that they are not visible from the front. Running the lacing ends underneath the loops on the backside of the project does this. This will both hide the ends and hold the lacing tight so that knots are not necessary.

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