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Texas Concho   Wolf Concho

Materials Tools
18" Leather lacing
PVC ring
Hot Glue

See the Found Chapter for more instructions, hints, tips, and ideas.

Conchos are metal objects usually available in leather or general craft stores for use with bolo slides or decorating clothing. They are generally in the shape of some southwestern or geometric object. They usually have two slots in them. You can put a piece of leather lacing through the holes and add some pretty beads or feathers. If the concho is small, consider mounting it on a background. Otherwise, attach a PVC ring to it. If you are want, you can use wire through the two slots to secure the ring tightly. Wrap the wire in a figure "8" pattern around the PVC ring and the post between the two slots.

To make the wolf concho

To add a leather background, you can use hot glue.

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