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Materials Tools
3/4" or 1" PVC
Thread and Needle
PVC ring

See the Found Chapter for more instructions, hints, tips, and ideas.

Okay, now admit it. You must have some patch in a drawer or sitting on a shelf just gathering dust. Why not dig it out and glue a PVC ring to the back using hot glue. Or alternatively, wrap the patch around a piece of PVC and carefully sew the sides together - pulling them tight enough to hold the patch in place. Stitch straight across the patch or the patch will become crooked. Use a spot of hot glue to hold the patch in place on the PVC.

1/2" PCV pipe may be too small in diameter to really show the patch. This is the case of the one in the photograph. You can attach the patch to a larger diameter tube, then glue a smaller PVC ring inside the larger tube. The smaller PVC ring will hold the slide on your neckerchief better.

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