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Materials Tools
Craft foam
PVC ring
Hot Glue
3"x3"x1/2" wood
Nails and hammer

See the Chenilles Chapter for more instructions, hints, tips, and ideas.

Using the templates below, make bending jigs using wood and finishing nails. The small head on these nails will make getting the chenille off the jig easier. Cutting the heads off the nails will also work.

For the small hand, use one thin chenille. Bend the chenille around the jig following the diagram. Hold the jig as shown below.

Around 1, over to 2 and around it from the top, over 3, under 4 and 5, to the right of 1 and up around 6 from left to right, then below 7, above 8, below 9, above 10, below 11, above 12 and back down to the right of 3.

Once the hand is formed, remove it from the jig and adjust its shape to make it look better. Bend the two ends around the wires that cross them to make it more sturdy. Now bend the fingers to make the letter you want. See this page for help on hand signs. Several small hands may be combined to spell out a short word, initials, or name using sign language. The signs may be glued onto a piece of craft foam or craft stick (pop-cycle stick). Glue a PVC ring to the back of the background material.

For the large hand, twist the ends of two thick chenilles together. Bend the chenilles around the jig following the diagram. Once the hand is formed, you will notice that you have some extra chenille. We will take care of that in a moment. First, remove the hand from the jig and adjust its shape to make it look better. Now, take the extra chenille, and weave it in and out between the fingers. It should go in front of the pointer finger, behind tall man, in front of the ring finger, and behind the pinky. Any that remains wrap around to the other side of the hand to reinforce the palm. Bend the starting end around the wire that it crosses.

With the large hand, you can bend the fingers into a letter (see hand signs), the Cub Scout or Boy Scout sign, or "I love you" or thumbs up. Glue on a PVC ring to complete the project.

Top of hand template
Bottom of hand template
Template for Large Hand

Small hand template
Line pattern
Template for Small Hand

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