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Container Container Candle

Materials Tools
Wick Clip

See the Candles Chapter for more instructions, hints, tips, and ideas.

Use the general instructions for molded candles.

There are a wide variety of containers that can be used. Some of the most popular ones are glass jars, bottles, large shells, flower pot (seal the bottom hole with mold sealer), anything that will hold hot liquid wax.

Use a metal wick clip to hold the wick on bottom of the container.

If you use a glass container, there is a danger of it shattering when the hot wax is added. Minimize the risk of injury by wearing safety glasses and keep others at a safe distance. Let the wax cool as much as possible before pouring (this will also minimize the dimple). Before pouring the wax into the container, put the glass in hot water for a few minutes. Remove, dry, and immediately pour in the wax.

Decorate the container with paint, ribbon, fabric, sequins, polished rocks, beads, ... if desired.

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