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Hummer Window Hanger

Materials Tools
10" Wire
2" Suction Cup
Wire cutters
Needle nose pliers

See the Activities section for more instructions, hints and tips.

Here are some more ideas to help you enjoy hummingbirds.

I have never had a single problem with hummingbirds flying into glass windows.

You can buy suction cup holders where hummingbird feeders are sold or make your own.

You can find 2" suction cups at craft stores.

You’ll need about 10” of stiff wire like coat hanger and bend it like in the photo. The stiffer the wire the more weight it can support, but the harder it is to bend.

About 3” from one end bend a loop for the suction cup. Capture the suction cup handle securely in the bend. Bend the remainder of the wire out and form a loop at the end for hanging the feeder. You’ll want to put some E-6000 glue, tape, or insulation on the wire where it will touch the window so it doesn’t scratch the glass.

Wet the suction cup before putting it on the window to give it a tighter, more secure fit.

If you are hanging a heavy feeder or several small feeders, you may want to consider using two suction cups, one below the other.

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