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Materials Tools
1/4" thick basswood
Elmer's Craft Bond™ spray glue
Coping or scroll saw
Sharp knife
Emery board
Acrylic Paint and brushes
Clothes pin and line
Polyacrylic™ finish

See the Wood Carving section for more instructions, hints and tips.

This was taught to be by a woodcarving friend, Jean Caster. She calls it a pocket angel. It's relatively easy to carve and with some practice you can turn them out in quantities. The one Jean gave me was numbered #154. You get much better after you have made a few.

It takes about an hour to carve for beginners. Then the sanding and painting takes maybe 30 minutes.

The small size that Jean makes is ideal for carrying in your pocket or purse. I like the larger size for neckerchief or bolo slides and ornaments. The larger size is a little easier to work. For neckerchief or bolo slides, you only have to carve one side, but if you carve both sides, you can choose the best for the front.

Use basswood because it is relatively easy to carve. It can be found at many hobby or wood specialty stores.

It's easiest if you work on a table. If you are afraid of damaging the table then work on a piece of wood at least 6" square.

If you are doing this with a group, do the pre-work and maybe even the setup before hand.

You can put your initials, year, and a serial number on the bottom with a fine tip permanent marker.

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