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See the Wisdom section for more instructions, hints and tips.

This is similar to the parable of the sower from Luke 8:4-15.

Once upon a time there was a Scoutmaster who gave a Scoutmaster minute at the closing of every meeting.

But his words of wisdom often fell on ears that weren't listening. Some of the ears were thinking about something that happened during the meeting. Some of the ears were thinking about what was going to happen after the meeting. Some of the ears were thinking about a video game or a girl friend or a car.

Sometimes the ears were listening, but soon forgot.

But sometimes the Scoutmaster's words fell on ears that were listening and remembered.

Some weeks or months later, the Scout might mention to his Scoutmaster how he had experienced and come to know first hand the wisdom contained in that story.

And the Scoutmaster smiled for he knew his words had fallen on fertile ground, had sprouted, and grown. He had made a difference in someone's life.

Copyright © 2008 Vincent Hale