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See the Wisdom Chapter for more instructions, hints, tips, and ideas.

Actions speak louder than words.

Your actions are so loud that I can't hear what you are saying.

Saint Francis of Assisi once said, "Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words."

Boy Scouts have a long reputation for service and good deeds. With the news media frequently putting Scouts under a magnifying glass, everyone needs to do their best. Others are always watching for us to slip up. You are always representing your troop, church, school, family, ... If you do something wrong, it not only makes you look bad, but it brings down all organizations that you belong to.

Always set a good example, one that will make you and all your organizations proud.

Pick up that piece of trash on the ground (and be sure not to litter yourself).

Wear all of your uniform all of the time, look neat, be proud of your troop. What would you think of a police officer not wearing the complete uniform? Would you be suspicious that the person wasn't really an officer, or they weren't committed to their work, or they didn't care? What message do you send to others when you don't wear your uniform?

What is your behavior telling others about how you feel? Send the right message to others through your actions.

Don't be a hypocrite and tell others to do something while you don't do it yourself. As St. James said, "What good is it to profess faith without practicing it?" (James 2:14)

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