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Materials Tools
Plaster of Paris
9" black chenille
2 wobble eyes 2mm
PVC ring
Red paint
Black paint
Hot glue

See the Plaster Chapter for more instructions, hints, tips, and ideas.

A soup spoon works well because it is more round.

    Ahead of time
  1. Brace the spoon handle on some notepads or magazines so that the bowl lays flat.
  2. Mix up the plaster of Paris and pour into the spoon.
  3. Insert a PVC ring near the end of the spoon where the head is going to be. Let it harden.
  4. When it is hard, heat the spoon for a few seconds on the stove. This will heat the metal of the spoon and it will expand. The plaster will pop right out. Round the edge by rubbing it with a stick. This removes the very thin edge that would break off anyway.
    To construct a ladybug
  1. Paint the body red.
  2. Paint the head black.
  3. Dip the end of a Q-tip into black paint and dab spots on the body. Spin the Q-tip to make a rounder spot.
  4. Hot glue the wobble eyes in place.
  5. Cut the chenille into three pieces 3" long.
  6. Hot glue the middle of the chenilles to the middle of the body on the flat side with a big glob of glue.
  7. Put a bend in the middle of each leg and spread them out.
Ladybug's Back

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