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Two bladed Whirligig

The instructions are for a single bladed whirligig.

Materials Tools
Pony Beads
4" of 1/16" dowel rod
Foam cutouts
2" or longer Nail
1 1/2" long PVC ring
Hot Glue
Drill with various bits
White Glue
"C" clamp

See the Moving Chapter for more instructions, hints, tips, and ideas.

For younger boys, the first four steps can be done ahead of time.

Whirligig blade assembly

Use a thick walled 3/4" PVC ring.

Hint: Use some of the techniques you used to make the Pinewood Derby cars to make the whirligig turn easier. Graphite really helps!

A two bladed whirligig can be made by simple adding an extra blade and some extra pony beads between the blades so they don't hit. Tilt the foam on the second blade in the opposite direction so the blade turns in the opposite direction. Make the second blade larger than the first simply by gluing the foam so it sticks half off the blade. See the illustrations below.

Blade tilted in opposite direction                    Blade glued half on dowel rod
Drawing of bladed tilted in the opposite direction and blade half glued onto dowel rod

Side View

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