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In honor of my Wood Badge patrol friends Wyatt, Sabrina, Tim, Jeanine, and Charles.
Thanks for the friendship and memories!

Materials Tools
3"x3" stamping leather
2 flat top bolts with nuts 3/8"
1/4"x3/8" block of wood
2' string
PVC ring
Pony bead
2 pieces of nail or wire 1/2"
E-6000™ glue
Thin knife
Permanent Marker
Leather hole punch

See the Moving Chapter for more instructions, hints, tips, and ideas.

The pieces of nail or wire can be cut ahead of time using a hacksaw or wire cutters. They are used on the legs to give them extra weight. The extra weight may not be necessary if the legs move freely by themselves. You might want to make the slide first and add the weights later if they are needed.



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