Squirting shower and elephant LED Flashlight Hammer that hits nail Solar Powered Waving Hand 'Scouting is my Bag' Paper Bag Natural Texas Concho Plastic Braiding Knot Plaster Tigger Weight Lifter Christmas Tree - lights blink, plays carrol Crowing Rooster Segmented Snake Saluting Scout Indian on Leather Arrowhead Friendly Plastic Eagle Plaster Eagle Carved Wooden Knife Carved Ball in a Box Indian Headress Carved Loaf of Bread Carved Whistle Carved Axe Seed Beads Brass Arrowhead Bow and Arrow Troop 865 Clipart Pony Beads Carved Arrowhead Dream Catcher Dream Catcher Red, White, Gold lacing on ring Plastic Braiding Spiral Red/White/Blue Plastic Braiding Straight Red/White/Blue Rocket Clip Board Screwdriver and Pliers Sink Drain Chenille Hand 'When the going gets tough, the tough use Duct Tape' Snowman Stack of BBs Hot Plate Slingshot Taco Santa Snow Globe Imaginoid Catapult Battery Powered Fan Covered Wagon Chaps Raised Texas Meteor Squirrel Tail (didn't look before crossing street) Foam Frog Leather Bear Leather Owl Armadillo Tails Leather Wolf Plaster Raccoon Beaded Snake Fish Skeleton Rattlesnake Rattle Crinoid Stems Sticker Ball Spider Catch-it Game Heart Puzzle Plastic Braiding Candy Cane Dime-on-pin (Diamond pin) Angel Stamped on Leather Be Prepared (Cross) Do Your Best 'Prepare the Way of the Lord' 'Love One Another' on Heart God's Eyes Dove - Leather Lacing Double Figure 8 Knot Turk's Head Knot Basketry Weaving Fancy Knot String Art Braided Rope String Art

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Library Display February 2001

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