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See the General Chapter for more instructions, hints, tips, and ideas.

In general, the library is one of the cheapest, most available, and best resource. They carry a wide variety of topics and many very interesting older books. Browse in both the children's and adult section when looking for ideas.

Wow or should I say WWW! It is expanding so fast and so many new things are becoming available on line. Check out some of these home pages:
Scouting with a Neckerchief, 1927
Lorie McGraw's The Slide Show
Woggle World
J.Lance Wilkinson's Neckerchief Slides Page
The WoodBadge Woggle a.k.a. The Turk's Head

Almost all areas will have a home repair store.
Most areas have their own craft stores like M.J. Designs, Michael's, Garden Ridge, and Hobby Lobby. If not try these mail-order craft stores:
The Leather Factory

Here are some other books that have proven useful to me:

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