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Stylized God's Eye Cross

Real Arrowhead

Example of Basketry

Dove made from leather lacing

Where would the world be without Duct Tape?

Applies to Life, too

Carved Fish

A friend of mine was able to get this when he visited Alaska. It's Frosty's Poop!

Leather tube (Webelos Camp (2000)

Rattlesnake Rattle

Wire Scorpion (Summer Camp 1999)

Pliers and Screwdriver

Turks Head Knot

Brass Arrowhead

Bow and Arrow

Bread carved from wood

Eagle in Friendly Plastic

Fancy Knot

Fish Skeleton

Native American Indian Chief


God's Eye Cross


String Art Peacock

Scouting is my Bag

Seed Bead

Snake made from Pony Beads

Tail from a slow squirrel


Cow's tooth (Summer Camp 2001)

Fishhook (Summer Camp 2001)

Forged Shape

Hillbilly Flashlight


Cross made from Palm


Embossed in Leather (Summer Camp 1999)

Copyright © 2001 Vincent Hale