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Ring of 22 shells

Materials Tools
22 shells
PVC ring
Hot glue

See the Found Chapter for more instructions, hints, tips, and ideas.

Never use a loaded or "live" shell as a neckerchief slide.

Empty 22 shells can be obtained in large quantities at Boy Scout summer camp.

Let the kids' creative juices flow with this one and arrange them however they want. They will come up with some amazing creations. They can attach the shells to the PVC ring itself or you could have some craft foam or leather pieces on hand if they want to use those as a background to mount the shells on.

Clean and dry the casings first. Roughen up the shell casing with a little sandpaper before gluing.

Hot glue works okay, but the shells may fall off. E-6000™ will hold much better, but you have to be very patient and assemble the project in pieces.

Ring of 22 shells

You can fashion a complete bullet. This looks really impressive if you have a large round say from a deer rifle. If you don't know a hunter or police officer, try your local shooting range for empty cartridges. Find a piece of dowel rod or stick that will slide into the casing. Round the wood with sandpaper so that it looks like the real thing. Paint it silver and glue it in place. You might want to attach it to a background of craft foam or leather to make it stand out more.

Ring of 22 shells

You can also show what happens to a bullet after it hits a target. If you shoot at targets with a sand or soft dirt backstop, you can recover some of the lead by digging carefully with your fingers or a small shovel. The bullets will be a few inches deep. Then mount the lead and shell casing on a background.

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