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4-End Spiral Braiding

Materials Tools
Two colors of plastic lacing 3' long
Key ring or zipper pull if desired
Super Glue

See the Braiding Chapter for more instructions, hints, tips, and ideas.

Start the project exactly as the 4-end straight. Follow the first five steps.

Next instead of flipping the ends straight over, flip them over the opposite side. That is the right one goes over the left and the left goes over the right.

Figure 9

Now remember the bend from the straight stitch? Run the lacing over the first yellow lace and under the second into the bend. Do the same with the other blue lace. Now pull it tight.

Figure 10

Continue using this same method until the project is finished.

Now you may ask "How do you make the candy cane hold it's shape?". Actually, you cheat. When you make the first stitch (and before you pull it tight) insert a thin piece of metal. Something about the thickness and stiffness of a paperclip works well. Keep the wire in the center of all the stitches.

You might be interested in learning about the history of the candy cane.

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