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Materials Tools
10 6" pieces plastic lacing or 30 tinsel
5" x 1/4" dowel rod
6' holographic plastic lacing
PCV Ring heart shaped
6" thin wire

See the Braiding Chapter for more instructions, hints, tips, and ideas.

Here is a good slide for those special occasions like Blue and Gold Banquets.

For the fountain spray, you can either use about 10 pieces of plastic lacing about 6" long or 30 pieces of colored tinsel (like used for decorating Christmas trees or stuffing gift bags). Both the lacing and tinsel are available in craft stores. The tinsel is more difficult to work with because it is lighter and moves around more.

Using a dowel rod longer than needed makes handling the project easier.

You can make the fountain spray with one color, a couple of colors (alternate colors), or a variety of colors. Red, white, and blue would make a good one for the Fourth of July; Red, green, blue, gold for Christmas; Blue and Gold for Cub Scouts Anniversary of Cub Scouting.

Here are some other examples.

Fountain   Fountain

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