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Pasta Bridge

Materials Tools
Wooden blocks
White glue
Hot glue

For other activities, see the Activities Chapter.

This can be used as a team building activity. Break the group into small teams. Go over some different bridge designs explaining their construction, advantages, and disadvantages. Demonstrate some fundamentals about bridges (see below). Explain the rules of the contest. Have each team design and build a bridge.

The Internet has a wealth of information about bridges. Here are some good sites: Demonstrations: Some rules you might consider:

Hold a contest to see which bridge meets all the criteria set down in the rules and holds the most weight. After the contest, ask each team how they could have made their bridge better.

Other materials that could be used:

Another variation of this is to build a tower. The tower must be a specified height and support a specified weight for a minimum specified amount of time.

In case of ties, the structure that weighs the least wins.

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