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Materials Tools
1 ripe banana
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 can beer
2" or 3" paintbrush
Bottle with wide mouth and lid
Dim or red flashlight

For other activities, see the Activities Chapter.

Attracting moths is exciting because you never know what might show up. It seems to work best on hot humid autumn nights.

Mash up the banana and then mix all the ingredients together. They should form a concoction that has the consistency of thick paint.

Try using other soft fruit like canned peaches.

Set aside outside for a day. Put the lid on tightly when transporting the mixture to camp. You definitely would not want this to spill on your camping gear or vehicle!

In the evening, a few hours before sunset, paint the mixture on tree trunks. Select trees on the edge of the woods. Remember which trees you painted.

After it is dark, visit the sites you painted. You might want to use a bright flashlight to walk between trees. Use a dim or red flashlight when approaching the tree. Start by shining the dim flashlight at the base of the tree and then moving it up higher. Look carefully because many moths are camouflaged.

Headlamps are best for searching for animals and insects after dark. The eyes of some night creatures reflect the light back so that you can see them. Cats, spiders, and some moths are just some examples. The closer your light is to your eyes the better. If you have a handheld flashlight, hold it up beside your head.

WARNING: The mixture will attract bees. It will also stain the surface on which it is painted.

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