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Trumpeting Angel

Materials Tools
2 3/4"x1 1/2"x1/4"
PVC ring or pin
Carving Knife
Paint and brush

See the Wood Carving section for more instructions, hints and tips.

  1. Layout the perimeter on the basswood. The grain should run the length of the angel.
  2. Cut out the shape using a coping or scroll saw.
  3. Layout the interior.
  4. The high points are the tip of the wing, the hair, and the collar.
  5. Make a stop cut along the base of the wing.
  6. Take the base of the wing down. Curve it inward so it's cupped.
  7. Leave the wing rough or use a gouge to add some texture like feathers.
  8. Thin the top tip of the wing by removing wood from the back side.
  9. Take the gown down and round it except by the arm.
  10. Take the foot down about half the thickness of the wood.
  11. Round the hair at the edges.
  12. Make a hole between the arm and the trumpet. You can use a drill to make this easier.
  13. Round the arm.
  14. Carve the hand.
  15. Carve the face.
  16. Texture the hair with a small veiner.
  17. Scallop the bottom of the gown with a V tool or knife.

Glue a PVC ring to the back using E-6000™. This also makes a nice pin or SWAP.

  1. Paint the face, feet, and hand flesh.
  2. Paint the gown blue or pink.
  3. Paint the collar and scallop at the bottom of the gown white.
  4. Paint the hair yellow or brown.
  5. Paint the trumpet gold.
  6. Paint the wing white.
  7. Spray with Deft™ Semi-gloss to seal and protect it.

Copyright © 2007 Vincent Hale