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Square Knot

Materials Tools
2" x 1" x 3/8" basswood
1' of 1/4" rope
PVC ring
Carving Knife
E-6000 Glue

See the Wood Carving section for more instructions, hints and tips.

  1. Get a 1' piece of 1/4" rope and tie it in a square knot for a go-by. Remember right over left and under; left over right and through.
  2. Note the diamond shape in the center of the knot.
  3. Layout the perimeter. The grain should run in the long dimension.
  4. Cut it out using a coping or scroll saw.
  5. Layout the interior on both the front and back.
  6. On both the front and back mark the places where the rope is on the bottom. You will remove this shaded wood.
  7. Make stop cuts along the lines that are going to be on top. These should be beside the areas that are shaded.
  8. Remove the shaded areas about 3/16" to the middle of the board. Re-do the stop cuts as necessary.
  9. Next make the transitions, where the rope goes from the front to the back or the back to the front.
  10. Now remove the diamond shaped hole in the center.
  11. Frequently check the go-by to make sure you are taking wood off in the proper places.
  12. Round the sides of the rope by first making a 45 degree cut and then half way on each side of that.
  13. Undercut or round the ropes where they cross and touch. This will give the impression that they are separate.
  14. Sand if desired.
  15. Seal with a clear finish. You can hang it on a paperclip or wire to dry.
  16. Pick the side you like the best and then glue a PVC ring with E-6000 to the back to complete the neckerchief slide.

Copyright © 2007 Vincent Hale